what is the data logger

Dytalagr How does it work?

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What is a data logger?

Is a measure commonly used to collect and store data. At the very beginning of its data collection and storage of measured values ​​in a period of time is physically or electrically. This data can be temperature, strain, displacement, flow, pressure, voltage, resistance, and many other parameters may be. Dytalagrha very wide range of products are included. Of a simple device to measure a more complex device that performs data analysis on a variety. Collect and store data for many projects on the side, but some projects require online analysis, offline analysis, display, reporting and data sharing are. Even some of the projects need to collect and store data such as audio and video are different.

Dytalagrha used in a wide range of applications accessible. Chemists in their laboratories to store the data of temperature, PH and pressure Zmayshhayshan use. Productivity of design engineers to store values ​​such as vibration, temperature and amount of battery charge Dytalagrha use to design their products evaluated. Geologists estimate of Dytalagrha for mineral makeup in place while drilling for oil extraction is used. Dytalagrha applications list is long, but all of them together have similar needs.

Data logger, how do they work?

Dytalagrha of sensors and actuators for physical phenomena such as current or voltage electronic signals are used. This electrical signal is then converted into binary data to a computer or memory data transfers are desired. The binary data can easily be analyzed by computer programs and computer hard disk or storage media including memory cards, CD, DVD, etc. are stored.

Components of data logger:

• سخت افزاری برای تبدیل سیگنالهای موردنظر به داده های دیجیتال که شامل سنسورها، مدارات بهبود سیگنال (مانند تقویت کننده و کاهنده های نویز) و مدارهای مبدل آنالوگ به دیجیتال. • سخت افزار ذخیره سازی بلند مدت داده ها که معمولا کارت حافظه یا رایانه می be. • Dytalagr software to collect, analyze and display data is used.

How to use the data logger are:

The data logger follow these steps:

• Connect sensors to Dytalagr. Thermocouple sensors can, heat resistance, RTD, Gyjhay pressure, accelerometer, and …. Be. • Use of software Dytalagr set Dytalagr. • configuration parameters such as sampling rate, alarm, start and end conditions for the operation of data collection set. • After the hardware, the sensor data was collected , it can be used for data analysis, report and store data for future use after use.

What the data logger can be used:

One Dytalagrha properties, the ability to harvest and store sensor data values ​​are for future use. Although rarely used in cases of Dytalagr collect and store only the data used. Nagzyryd you the ability to analyze and present data have to be able to make critical decisions based on your stored data. A full Dytalagr often include components are shown in the image below.

- Brddasht data:

This stage includes sensors and hardware that is Dytalagr convert physical phenomena into digital signals that are used.

- The line:

This phase includes analysis of data that you want to do. A tangible example of this type of analysis, the measured voltage conversion units such as degrees Celsius is scientifically meaningful. You can make these complex calculations and data compression to save them before they do. Control part of the system (such as pump failure, etc.) part of the analysis is based on current measurements. All applications must Dytalagr convert binary data to voltage and voltage conversion unit practical to do.

- Storage:

This stage involves analyzing the data stored in a file format is desired.

-تحلیل Off Line :

This step is included in the analysis is performed on the stored data. Analysis is a simple example, a search of specific data on past data or data has Fshrh.

- View, share, and reporting:

This step is included to create reports that you need to show your data. However, as shown in the picture above, you can display directly the online analysis. This feature enables you to collect and analyze their data with them, monitor them to show.

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