Industrial Display

Industrial Monitors

resistant to moisture and dust environment Bashndv also not a problem in high noise environments, these monitors also have the ability to add a ….

17inch industrial Display
Panel mount 17″  Industrial Display
15inch industrial Display
Panel mount 15″ Industrial display
Touch screen or industrial monitors in terms of appearance, are no different from a conventional monitor. Only when they feel the page you will notice the difference. Put your mouse and select the desired icon or by pressing a finger on the industrial monitor is enabled.

Direct pressure on the icon, it’s much easier to activate by clicking the mouse.. For that reason, having a industrial monitor for a child learners, is very useful.

The industrial monitor can be for adults who are not accustomed to working with computers is very helpful. Because of their extensive service to clients in offices or at the ATM for banks is used.

, industrial monitor a clear difference with a normal monitor that easily, and it is detected, an additional cable between the industrial monitor and computer. In a typical monitor, the power supply cable, cable to the computer graphics image of the monitor is connected and relevant data to display, transmit, but the industrial monitor screen, interactive “commands need to contact the finger of a computer monitor, be transferred for this reason, an additional cable to the USB port or serial computer is connected.

Activation of the system to a certain pressure, needs to adjust it, is important.

industrial monitor monitors with two different resolutions are two distinct concepts.

Active surface of the industrial monitor with finger touch, gloves and a pen or (stylus) are active.  industrial monitor with a stylus to write on the pages, but in practice it may, is lacking in quality. So, if you want to write on the screen is industrial monitor instead of special monitors that monitor the use AA or Pen LCD Monitor.

The industrial monitor , or pressure that is only a step or not, or pen Pen LCD Monitor, monitors the pressure in step 1024, and to recognize the same ratio, thickness and color line drawings, and changes.

industrial monitor, usually “are a type of LCD screens and CRT, due to certain curves, usually” for this type of application, are not suitable.

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